A Win’s a Win

An Easter miracle! A blowout as the Bulls routed their opponent, the Detroit Pistons, on a holiday no less!

Newsflash. That’s a joke. I’m kiddin’. Yes, it’s a miracle. Yes, the Bulls won. But the margin of victory was far from a UConn women’s type performance. We’re talking one point. But we’ll take it.

Too much ham, lamb cake, leg of lamb. Or, extra exertion during Easter egg hunt led to low energy, which seemed to be the challenge in the first half. The Bulls were kind of playing how I felt after the Easter Brunch at Chateau Ducharme.


Ah, no problem. We’ll win. But we’ll wait until the final few seconds, and it will only be by a point. A Win’s a Win. We’ll take the W.

Confession. The depths of my Bulls obsession issues are coming to light as of late.

Now I get up in the morning and check the conference standings on my iPhone so I see if the Bulls moved up or down.

And I even suffer through all of the baseball news while I patiently wait for Bulls highlights. I thought there were a lot of basketball games. Baseball is totally at another level.

And at brunch, basketball and our beloved Bulls did come up during the course of conversation. We found a replay of the Game of the Year (Bulls defeat Heat March 27, 2013), and one of the guests said, “Seriously? Who would want to watch a basketball game a second time?”

I sheepishly raised my hand and admitted I had to re-watch the Game of the Year. I missed the last four minutes the first time because I so so nervous during the real-life game that I couldn’t watch it. (But no, I cannot watch a rerun of a Bulls loss.)

Ten games left, and now’s the stretch of the season when you start to realize that it’s time to start throwing some games. The Bulls need to get out of the 4/5 slot, b/c the lucky winner of that one plays — you guessed it. The Heat. Or, the Bucks.

Just kidding. There’s none of that funny business. Thibs is our Coach, and it’s all serious and chop chop and watch tape and read the scouting reports. And then get ready for the next opponent. And do your job.

Which brings me to this whole notion of sitting out star players. So Popovich sits out his guys earlier in the season, and now Spoelstra, counters by taking his guys out of the lineup. LeBron and some other guy. I think he’s from Chicago, but he didn’t want to play in Chicago. Oh and Chimmers, I mean, Chalmers.

And I love the articles reveling at the unprecedented feat the Heat accomplished last night. Playing short-handed, the Heat defeat the Spurs. Do NOT get me started on playing short-handed!!!! It’s time to put your big boy pants on.

Back to Pop and Spoelstra. Are we two years old? Remind me. They’re kind of acting like I acted last week at the dentist. Anything but my age.

No chance of Thibs sitting anyone out in this lifetime. If you can limp onto the floor, you go.

Now I don’t want Jo, Rip or Marco limping back, but I sure do miss them. DRose, we miss you too, but are coming to terms with winning this thing without you, at least this year.


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