You’re welcome, Mark Cuban

So the Bulls’ big winning streak comes to an end in Dallas. Sigh. I though our Bulls were going to close out the season with a 12-game streak or something.

It seemed like the Bulls had this one, at least, until the last three minutes. The other D, Dirk Nowitzki, the proud owner of a championship ring, way too many trips to the All-Star game for me to count, and logging in at seven feet tall. Well, he was a problem.

At these times, you need what they call a closer. Calling Marco. Calling DRose.

But I will take solace in the 25-point performances by Lu, Nate and Los. And Carlos is now tied with some player from Miami…not too well-known…you don’t hear too much about the guy. And he never talks to the refs, nor does he complain about hard fouls. Right, Los is tied with that one for 7th place in the League for double doubles, at 36.

And the deluge of threes caused quite a storm, especially the Nate Robinson three-pointer (should have been four really) from half-court. So I quite enjoyed the Lu and Nate three-point show.

But the lowlights were the missed free throws at the end, and letting that other D get open shots, and then failing to make a basket to tie it up in the end.

Were the Bulls unknowingly guilted into showing Mark Cuban their gratitude for his kindness in early March?

The Bulls’ plane lost an engine, and had to go for a long stay in the hospital. After borrowing the Blackhawks plane for a trip, the Hawks kind of needed it back to travel to one of their own games, you know, to play some hockey. And Cuban, for some unknown reason, loaned the Bulls the Mavs plane to fly to a San Antonio game.

I don’t know, I think the whole thing was part of some evil Cuban plot, and it seemed to have worked. The Bulls woulda coulda shoulda won that game!

But after dinner at Purple Pig last night, followed up with some bananas foster at RL, I’ve calmed down.

Ready to move on to the Pistons, and I know it’s Easter, but maybe the Bulls will just pretend it’s a random Tuesday night in April instead of a holiday, and we can get a win! Sorry, I’m unavailable to join the lineup today due to pre-planned post-Easter brunch food coma recovery time. But I’ll be watching from my couch.

Go Bulls!

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