Reflections on “The Game of the Year”

Otherworldly. That’s how I would describe the Bulls’ victory over the Heat Wednesday night.

I was just hoping that the Bulls wouldn’t be embarrassed on national television, since they had established a pretty strong track record for accomplishing that throughout the year.

Please, please, let this be a close game…not a blowout.

But I believe that the Basketball Gods felt that it was time. It was time for the Bulls to show the world what they can really do – in prime time, on a national stage.

Sure, the Heat made history. But our Bulls will always be remembered as the team that took them down.

After all the injuries, the questioning, the doubting, the haters, nay-sayers, will he or won’t he watchers – it was the Bulls’ turn.

And as far as I’m concerned, the Bulls have officially arrived. If the season ended now, I would be the happiest Bulls fan in town. OK, add a Championship, and I’ll be happy X 2, so I’m in favor of adding this accomplishment to Game of the Year.

The season has been a struggle for them. It would be easy to give up, get down or complain. They haven’t done that. Channeling their Coach Thibs, they not only say it, but they believe it. “We have more than enough to win with (in that locker room)”

Jimmy Butler came out of Wednesday night’s victory making a slight edit, and I’m sure Thibs would approve. “We have WAY more than enough to win with.” It really does seem as if what you think you become…

Getting back to the idea of otherworldly. On any given night this season, we could expect an otherworldly, or at least, stellar performance from one, or maybe two of the guys, and then something not exactly at that level from the rest. All of the pieces never really came together.

But Wednesday, March 27, 2013 brought a convergence of the highest level of play for everybody. Add in the hype, plus the Bulls fans (I’ve been hard on the fans in the past…this group has to be applauded), maybe a little bit of luck, and unprecedented energy from all the Bulls – and there’s the recipe for the success.

What can you say about Lu? He matched LeBron basket for basket throughout the contest. It was raining 3s, and he ended up with 28 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals. So LeBron had maybe a few more points…blah blah.

LeBron is allegedly supposedly the best basketball player on the planet. Hmm, Lu is giving him a run for his money. And Lu is way nicer, and funnier.

Here’s what Luol had to say about Jimmy Butler’s dunk, converted from Lu’s pass.

“The pass was unreal, right on point,” Deng deadpanned. “He couldn’t have missed it, a great play by me.”

I’m just not sure if I could get as excited about another NBA team as I am about this year’s Bulls team.

There’s no one I don’t like. It’s not all about showmanship. It’s about getting the job done. OK, now I sound like Thibs. Know your job. Do your job.

But how could anyone not like Jimmy Butler? His poster production is surging! He takes big shots, he’s everywhere on defense, and besides all that, he’s so cute! Spoken like a true 46-year old middle-aged lady fan.

Finally, Boozer is getting what he deserves. Just a little respect. Because I was there at the UC for games when my neighbors down the row booed him. And my loyal readers know how I feel about booing!

Boozer is tied for 8th in double doubles this season. He’s become a rock this year, and I like his attitude.

And Kirk with his Hinrich Maneuvers made two huge plays – when he took down LeBron, and then at the end of the game when he stole the ball right out of Bosh’s hands! Game-changing.

So if there’s anything at all I wish we could have done differently, other than the fact I was so nervous during the game that I almost made myself sick…it’s this. I’m just heartbroken that not everyone was there to take part in the historic game and bask in the victory. I’m talking about Jo, Rip and Marco, and D(Rose). I just wish they could have been part of the history. Certainly, we have not seen the last of any of them though.

Warning – it could get a little ugly on Saturday, since our vampire Bulls are going to have to come out mid-day for a 1 p.m. start vs. the Mavs. Can we maybe skip it and duplicate the same game as Wednesday, just against a different team?

And Easter Sunday, as we recover from the brunching and lunching, it’s Bulls vs. the Pistons. Hopefully the spectators watching from home are the only ones in the lull of a food coma, and the Bulls return to the UC with their game of the year moves and mentality.

Jimmy Butler said he saw Coach Thibs smile. But if you looked away too quickly, you missed it. We’re getting somewhere here. At least we have a witness to the smile. Enough of that. Must get back to the tape.


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