And now, the starting lineup for your Chicago Bulls

Pre-game interview with Coach Thibs at the Target Center prior to Bulls vs. Timberwolves, Sunday, March 24, 2013

Reporter 1: So, who’s starting tonight, Coach?

Thibs: Don’t know.

Reporter 2: Coach, it’s 20 minutes ‘til game time. When will you know?

Thibs: Don’t know.

Reporter 3: Is it true Benny (the Bull) might start?

Thibs. That I do know. He can’t go. Couldn’t make the trip. Got nicked up at the UC last night during popcorn throwing antics.

Reporter 4: OK, what about some ringer, #20 from the East Coast? We heard he was a big star in Brooklyn? Something Olsen.

Thibs: We couldn’t get him. He’s running a worldwide eBay business now. It’s Art Olsen, but he goes by viking20.

Reporter 1 (Q2): We heard his daughter is a new up-and-comer from the East Bank Club.

Thibs: No. Not gonna work. Couldn’t afford her. Put us over the cap.

In all seriousness…despite losing Marco to an ab injury, and leaving Jo back in Chi-town to get more treatment for the plantar, the Bulls prevail in Minnescrapolis.

So there’s a big two-game win streak going on here in the Central Division, almost rivaling some other Eastern Conference win streak.

Evidently, one streak will be broken on Wednesday.

If my Bulls and your Bulls can do it collectively again vs. the hated Heat, there’s a fighting chance.

All we need is Nate with 22, Jimmy G (G is for Gets) Buckets with 20, Lu with 17 and his monster defense, The Booze Cruise with another 19, Taj with a double double again, Kirk running the show and Naz protecting the basket.

And, oh how sweet it will be if Jo and Marco re-join the team. But if not, it’s OK, because here are the Bulls’ not-so-secret keys to the game, courtesy of Coach Thibs.

It’s all about:
Next man up.
We’ve got more than enough to win.
Know your job and do your job.
We have to do it collectively.
Unite and inspire.

Let’s go Bulls! Beat the Heat. It’ll be the best birthday present ever.

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