Portland loss – only one explanation

Spoiler alert.

This is not a happy blog. For anyone not in the mood for this unfortunate reality, please check back on Sunday, when I promise to bring back the chipper.

There is only one plausible explanation for last night’s unexpected loss to the Portland Trailblazers. The Bulls are saving everything they have for my birthday game this Saturday.

As my loyal blog readers know, round two of my Bulls obsession began after I attended a “birthday” Bulls game, where DRose played, and no surprise, they won. Second year, Luol Deng hit the game-winning shot in OT.

So the streak will continue. The Bulls are conserving their energy for tomorrow night vs. the Pacers, and this blogger will pull herself together for the next post, with a “happy blog.”

I’ve read a few of the articles this morning, since I could only muster up the strength to watch the first half last night. I just cannot stand to watch my poor Bulls struggle like that.

The consensus, from KC Johnson and the usual suspects is that they have just run out of gas. Nothing left in the tank. From the injuries, to playing roles other than the one you’re supposed to be in, to will he or won’t he.

It’s just way too much. I still contend that the turning point was the loss to the Nets in January. Up until then, the Bulls had surprised everyone (well, we won’t count games in/around holidays, aka Christmas, New Year’s), and exceeded expectations.

The sheer desire to succeed, hold down the fort until you-know-who returned, fear of Thibs, a work ethic like no other NBA team. These seem to be some of the factors which added up to what started out as a fine season.

But since then, the wheels seemed to have fallen off, and the bus just doesn’t seem to be headed in right direction. Likely, I’ve totally botched several analogies here, but you get my drift.

We’re proud here in Chicago. We’re not going to boo you, our beloved Bulls, like they do to the home teams in NYC or Philly when things aren’t going our way.

No matter how this season turns out, for what you have accomplished, for those unexpected and surprising nights when you beat the likes of those “bottom feeders” like the Celtics, Knicks, Heat – we thank you.

Even if the summer starts a little early for you, and for us, “they” are saying just wait until 2014. That’s a long time to wait, so for now, I’m going to be at the UC, seventh row, for the birthday game, and while I hope the win streak continues, I will applaud you no matter what.

And what’s really important in life? Bulls domination certainly as top of my list.

But recent real-life concerns, such as the passing of a friend, just 46 like me, demonstrate what’s truly important. As Lin Brehmer, everyone’s best friend in the whole world (WXRT morning deejay) says, “It’s great to be alive.” So today, I’m grateful I’m here.

Matt Suhar, you will be missed.

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