Heartbreak and heart attack at the UC

Luck of the Irish was not on our side tonight, despite the green uniforms.

Heartbreak for the Bulls and their fans with the one-point “loss” to the Nuggets, and a night at the hospital for Coach Thibs to recover from self-induced heart attack during fit over goal-tending call (aka Jo’s game-winning basket).

Wait…the Coach’s press conference is on. Thibs is still with us. But I think he is going to get tossed out of the League…he’s the opposite of happy. He is no fan of the officials.

So we got one stolen from us at the UC.

Despite an awful second quarter, the Bulls fought like I’ve never seen them fight before in the second half. When they cut the Nuggets’ lead down to four, I almost cried (tears of joy)! And I confirm that I’m crying now (tears of sadness/madness).

Luol I think had three minutes of rest, and Nate maybe seven. Nate scored almost as many minutes as he played.

And how about Jo? Sporting a new updo, he blocked shots, stole the ball, made key baskets, fired up the troops.

And depending on who you ask – made the game-winning basket.

So Bulls, thanks for an amazing game. You won it, even though the officials robbed us.


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