California nightmare

So it’s the morning after the nightmare that was. The Bulls lost by more than I can count to the lowly Kings.

As you can imagine, I’ve got a lot to say about this one.

But it’s 6:30 a.m. CDT, and I’m getting ready for work. Someone has to make the $$$ to try to up the savings account since funds keeps getting depleted to purchase Bulls tickets. However, given recent happenings, my savings may once again start to reach targeted levels.

Just one word.


So here’s my update on March 15.

I’m still in denial, and haven’t been able to watch any post-nightmare coverage. But I’ve been so busy with work anyway, so that’s all worked out.

When I turned off the TV, the Bulls were down by 20. When I went to bed, it was 30. I just read this morning in the Trib that they lost by 42. I conducted a few quick online searches and found out that lotsa teams have lost by way more than that, so I don’t think the Bulls set any records.

But it sure seemed like they were trying.

The only way I can get over this is by making fun of the entire situation. So, here’s my top 10+ list as to why the Bulls lost by 42 points to the lowly Sacramento Kings (minus their star player):

10. Kings secretly destroyed all computers, TVs, electronic equipment so Bulls unable to watch game tape.
9. Bulls dysfunctional after sudden departure of Lou Amundson.
8. Too much time in the CA sun.
7. Jo and Los both upset with way hair turned out, putting entire team on edge.
6. Benny the Bull not cleared for the trip, leading to uneasiness across entire team.
5. Cinjo also not cleared for trip. Without her cones, and dribble / shooting drills, team neither unable to protect the basketball nor to get any baskets.
4. Bulls wanted to personify the name of arena where game was played – Sleep Train. Or better yet, Get on the Sleep Train.
3. Growing jealous of Heat’s 20-game winning streak, looking to set record of their own in form of biggest loss of the season.
2. Jo had entire team, including Thibs out for an all-rage night prior to game.
1. Spent all day watching covering of new Pope.
1a. Trying to sink down lower in Eastern Conference so they can start their summers early, either by losing to the Heat in Round One, or just departing before the post-season.
1b. Saving themselves for a big win at Cinjo’s March 23 birfday game.

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