The Key to Basketball

I think I’ve figured out what’s tripping up the Bulls.

It’s their inability to get baskets. And in basketball, getting baskets is umm, rather important.

I realize the Bulls are known for their stifling defense, but it seems rather impossible to win unless you get some points.

Point well taken, I say.

Once again, today’s game vs. the Lakers looked pretty winnable in the first half, but then that pesky road block called the third quarter happened.

And, as we’ve seen happen in so many games this year, the stadium staff brought in the invisible coverings to protect the basket (for the opposing team only), making it impossible for the Bulls to score.

I learned so much more than I ever would have liked to know from Van Gundy (Jeff, not Stan) during ABC’s coverage. Van Gundy went on and on for about 10 minutes about all the players the Bulls let go (Asik, Korver, Watson, JLIII [John Lucas III]). And yes, these guys are scoring – for other teams.

It’s definitely come to my attention that the Bulls organization is maybe not spending the $$$ they should be to create a winning team. And Reggie Rose kind of said publicly what everyone’s been thinking – to summarize, there are some pieces missing here.

It just seemed so easy for the Lakers to score, while the Bulls struggle on their end of the floor. Obviously further hampered by the invisible, yet effective basketball hoop coverings.

The Bulls once again held their own, and didn’t embarrass themselves a la the New Year’s Eve or pre-Christmas Hawks disasters. Yet a win is a win. And this was not a win.

I best loan them my cones for the shooting drills. Not to brag, but I was tearing it up at practice yesterday – the girl couldn’t miss.

Maybe our Bulls need to get back to basics. There’s something to be said for getting baskets in a game of basketball, and especially in the NBA.

And I guess that’s why, despite these infuriating losses, you’ve gotta still admire these guys. They have found a way to reach a more than respectable place in the Eastern Conference standings – far beyond anyone’s expectations. All this, often with low field goal percentages.

Now it’s on to Sacramento on Wednesday, with a 9 p.m. CDT start. Thankfully, the coverage returns to CSN-Chicago so I get to enjoy the game with Neil and Stacey.

And there’s a few other returns to which we’re all looking forward. Fingers crossed for Kirk and Taj. And even better, that other one…


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