Payback’s coming

Just wait until March 23, Indiana Pacers.

That’s my birfday game, and the Bulls don’t lose my birthday games. That is one streak which will not be broken.

So Indy may have gotten lucky because once again the backup to the backup to Benny the Bull’s backup had to play point guard…but just you wait.

Now that was an encouraging performance last night. I realize that the 17 people watching the game on national TV can’t pronounce Joakim (neither can David Aldridge from TNT, but at least he wears better clothes than Craig Sagar’s clown suits).

And forget Bellinelli. No hope for correct pronunciation there.

So when we’ve got guys named Nazr Mohammed, Marquis Teague and Vladimir Radmanovic playing – the 17 folks who tuned in to catch the Bulls game on ESPN probably just ended up flipping to a Downton Abbey re-run. These can’t be our Bulls? Who are these players?

How excited can I get about Naz dunking? Pretty darn excited.

Marquis made some amazing passes, and scored some points!

Vlad. Well, a bit of foul trouble there, but he mixed it up too.

So in true Bulls fashion, the collective effort prevails, and the Bulls bench saved the starters, who had dug themselves into a hole 13 points deep.

Later, Thibs put the starters back in (we don’t want to risk any of them dipping below the 40-minute mark) I think Luol ate his Wheaties (I guess that’s all he can eat given lack of bottom teeth), because he had two monster dunks.

Coach Thibs applauded the bench players who saved the game.

And thankfully, the Bulls made it an exciting game for those fans who still tuned in even though they had no idea who was playing.

And this proud Bulls Mom was just so happy that Naz and Vlad and Marquis did good. They did good!

DRose’s bench-warming appearance, suit and all may have been bigger sports news than the Blackhawks winning their 22nd game.

What’s going to happen when D is on the floor wearing his #1 jersey doing his thing? We’ll all have to wait until March 23 – because I predict he returns for my birthday game. And Indiana is not going to know what hit them.

Happy birthday to me! (And I’m happy to share the victory celebration with my fellow Bulls fans).

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