The Jo Show

I was one of the 22,414 fans who spent the night with Jo and company last night at the United Center.

After making history, setting records, taking names and putting on his one-man show Thursday night vs. the 76ers, Jo reprised his role for Brooklyn – with a double double.

I’ll admit I cried when he helped bring the Bulls to victory with his triple double this week. Just a few tears – of joy – for Jo, and for all of the Bulls, who need to put the dog days of February behind them.

Thibs talked about the way Jo’s play not only inspires but unites. Simply put – it’s catchy. You can’t much help getting caught up in the whirlwind that is Jo.

However, post-game, from the locker room Jo seemed really tired, and said “We have a great coach, but he doesn’t understand the whole rest thing yet.”

So the Bulls inch up ahead of Brooklyn by a ½ game, and face a newly crowned “evil” team, the Pacers tonight.

A win in Indy could be easier said than done, given Lu and Jo continue to break all records with their playing time.

However, you can all rest easy knowing that I’ll be at the March 23 game at the UC when the Bulls face the Pacers again, and surely, this one-game winning streak I began with my presence last night will continue.

DRose practiced about 40 minutes before the Nets game, and Jo was the only other Bull on the floor with him at the time. Both superstars in my book.

So you’re wondering about our other All-Star and soon-to-be-Superstar Luol Deng. Luol is having a rough go of it. Now I have experience here. I come from a family with ongoing teeth challenges (every time I talk to my folks, one of them has been to the dentist, is going to the dentist, is at the dentist). And I follow in my parents’ footsteps.

So the elbow Lu took Thursday from 76er Spencer Hawes loosened his bottom teeth and sent him for a day at the dentist Friday. And now, he’s facing a possible root canal.
Just one word Lu – Valium. OK, three. Lots of Valium. So Luol is not quite himself.

Not to toot my own horn, but the guys in front of me last night were confused about the identify of an unknown guy dressed in a Bulls uniform (#17) on the Bulls bench. You know, the guy with the ponytail (but not Jo).

I leaned over and informed them it was Admundson. They signed him a few hours ago for a 10-day contract.

Not sure exactly how impressed they were. But I was proud of self. I do question how the Bulls will fare with two guys sporting such unique, yet similar hairstyles. At least they can share some styling tips.

So I saw fellow blogger Sam Smith being interviewed by one of the media outlets last night before the game. And I can only wonder, when will I be in that seat? Only time will tell. But one thing for certain is sure. It’s probably going to take much longer for that to happen then for our beloved Bulls to win championship #7.


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