Bulls choose to work, kill Bobcats

‘‘You can use the out of back-to-back [games], getting in late, whatever, and I thought we chose none of that. We chose to work and come out ready. We got the lead early and played hard, played well.’’ So says Tom Thibodeau.

Due to unforeseen circumstances (I took a cat nap in the second half), I was only able to see the first-half domination as the Bulls visited Charlotte. I, like the Bulls had quite a week. Hopefully, I’ll rebound like they did.

I’ve been reading all of the articles, watching the post-game videos, and have had ESPN on for an hour – thinking they might show highlights of the game.

Who am I kidding. The Bobcats are the “bottom-feeders,” and the DRose-less Bulls are deemed as irrelevant around the league, so no highlights yet.

So the Bulls had 27 turnovers on Thursday vs. the Heat, on the national stage and everything. It seems the Bulls really wanted to up their numbers. But they mis-identified the stat! Would have been nice if someone scored 27 points. Wait, we’ll leave that to LeBron (he had an off night and only scored a measly 26).

As Thibs said, “We chose to work.” You have to like these #s: 37 assists vs. the Bobcats, and only six turnovers. Happy dance! Eight Bulls in double figures. Taj Gibson was the Bulls’ leading scorer, with 17. I hear that Jo was playing his secondary role as point guard.

And around the Eastern Conference, looking at the teams currently ahead of the Bulls:

Raptors beat the Knicks.

Rockets beat the Nets.

Indiana. Well, they won by a Uconn-women-like margin of victory. I think it was 50 as they defeated the Pistons. I kind of fear those Pacers – they’re all seven feet tall!

Now on Sunday, it’s on to OKC, so talk about night and day. I’m supposed to be at an Academy Awards party, but I’ll be sure to make it home for the second half (and maybe even stay awake) to see if the Bulls can put on an Oscar-worthy performance vs. KD and company.

And how about those Blackhawks? I don’t know too much about hockey. The scoring confuses me, and I can’t see the puck, so it makes it hard to follow. I guess that’s why I chose basketball.

But the Hawks set an NHL record – first to go 17 games without a loss in regulation to open a season. Thanks, Chicago Tribune for the headline.

Go Bulls!

Go Hawks!


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