Started slowly, finished poorly

So says Coach Thibs. He’s on his way to spend the All-Star break at “Club Berto,” watching tape, I’m sure.

I didn’t see the slow start of the Bulls vs. Celtics game on the parquet floor in Boston. But when I got home from a lovely Valentine’s dinner at RL (the pork chop was delicious) part way into Q3 and the score was 30 something to 30 something, I thought I had tuned into some new (and likely not too popular) church league station.

Yours truly, a 5-10 guard from the East Bank Club in Chicago, Cindy “Cinjo” Olsen could have put up more points than the Bulls + Celtics.

I am happy to loan Coach Thibs the cones I use at the Club. Perhaps dribbling drills could help the team address their turnover issue. The Bulls continue to set records! Tonight, they reached new heights with 22 turnovers. Unless it’s apple or raspberry, not interested.

Trying to find some kind of positive, from the limited play I saw, it looked like our man Jo was back as the heart and soul, so that was at least encouraging.

And Jo’s reaction when Paul Pierce crossed over to the other side of the lane when he was already shooting his free throw – classic. Worth the price of admission. I think Stacey said it was like Pierce was walking across the kitchen to get something out of the refrigerator.

OK America (and world), let me just point out that our Bulls are playing with the third-string point guard. As Thibs says, “we’ve been playing short-handed all season.” I would like to see just how well any other NBA team would fare in the same situation. Or an NFL team playing with their third guy. Is there a third guy? The guy behind the backup QB in place of their starting QB. I dunno.

While the Bulls, and their #1 fan (me) are not happy with where they stand, with the five-day break, time at Club Berto, lots of dribble drills and a few massages, certainly they’ll head in the right direction after the All-Star festivities have concluded.

Next game, Thibs will say, “Started strong, finished even stronger.” I am sure looking forward to the day when we have a win and a winning headline. Spinning these losses to make them sound positive is getting difficult for this blogger.

Let’s go Bulls!

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