One-time gift

The Bulls gave the league-leading San Antonio Spurs a gift last night. It was a one-time gift. So Spurs – be thankful, because the Bulls’ generosity reached is limit last night at the UC.

The same could be said of the Nets game. The Bulls kind of gave them a gift too. It seems that these Bulls have become all too generous, with this willy-nilly gift-giving to just about any team they meet.

The guys who showed at the UC to face the Spurs up weren’t the Imposter-Bulls. They were just the tired Bulls. Or the Drag-A-Bulls. When “Mr. Excitement” Nate Robinson even lacks energy, you know you’re in for a rough night.

Luol and Jo, our two All-Stars both seem to be having trouble as of late. Maybe some of that warm Houston air and hanging with all the other Stars will help bring them back to life.

But don’t get me wrong—I feel their pain. Now that I’m legitimately in the basketball world practicing like these professionals (OK, maybe not quite), I get how difficult it is to run up and down that court, and then try get baskets too!

I’m running up and down the East Bank Club court practicing my layups and reverse layups and jump shots. And it’s just me. No one is defending me. In fact, no one else is there at 5:15 a.m. when I practice.

By about 5:30, I’m taking a coffee break. And then I do some Mikan drills, and even dribble two basketballs at the same time, and then do layups.

I was thrilled to see the local news show DRose practicing at the Berto Center doing some drills just like me. Right DRose does drills like Cinjo. Ha.

Big news is DRose says he is far away far away (What, in a land far away? What’s up with our MVP?) from coming back. Collective sighs, heart attacks and hissy fits here in Chi-town when that story hit USA Today today.

I’ve got tickets for March 2 (Nets) and March 23 (evil Pacers) and “they” are now saying maybe mid-March for THE RETURN.

But the man himself says far far away, and you’ve got to wonder if it’s time to re-sell the tix on StubHub and put all the $$$ back in savings for a truly good cause like retirement.

But back to the unfortunate loss to San Antonio. Although I didn’t see any quotes or comments on it, nor did I hear the Bulls players mention it in interviews, but I know they were insulted. Insulted that Popovich held out four starters or however many it was…I think our guys felt the loss before they began. I believe they were hurt and disheartened.

Right, it would have been ideal if said hurt could have translated into some kind of passionate fire on the court. Although, I will admit – the guys on the Spurs do seem like class acts. One even helped Nate up off the floor! They play selflessly too, and share the basketball (I heard the commentators say that…re-use). But I liked the way they handled themselves. No show-offs. They seemed to be stand-up guys.

This time last year, I was in Maui. It was the good life, and I miss it. Now the Bulls may not have a trip to Paradise in their near future, but I hope the All-Star break will bring them some new energy. It might not be Maui, but it’s the best we can do.

Listen, the Nets did their job by beating the Pacers last night. Yes, I’ve reached new levels of conference standings monitoring, making sure all the right teams win/lose to help the Bulls progress in the Eastern Conference. As of late, they’re kinda stuck at four. Who knows. By now, it could be five.

Now Bullys, as Thibs says, everybody has to do their job, so please listen to your coach and beat those Celtics. And that would be the best gift you could give me for Valentine’s Day! (Other than the annual candy care package I hope Mom sent.)


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