Imposter-Bulls succumb to altitude sickness, lose by zillions to Nuggets

It all seemed to be going along so well there for a while.

But, in retrospect, the Bulls primarily played Eastern Conference teams, which “everyone” seems to describe as horrendous, awful, no excuse for living types.

Last night in Denver, the Bulls reprised their not-so-critically acclaimed role as the victims of the “lob city” debacle brought on during a visit to “that other” LA team in November.

I, for one, wasn’t asking for a curtain call.

To top it all off, the game was on TNT. And it was one of only two NBA games. The “this wasn’t what I asked Santa for” Christmas game. Now a Thursday night in February, when all 5,000 people watching NBA games (about 4,999 on the west coast) have to see the “Imposter-Bulls.”

I was worried about having to miss the game because it started at 9:30 p.m. CST on a school night, and Ms. Middle-Aged over here has to be in cozy bed between 9:30 and 10. Sigh. However would I witness the Bulls’ domination of these Nuggets?

As it turns out, I ended up with a slight flu bug, and sitting on the coach in front of the old plasma was a lot more comfortable than lying in the cozy bed.

But the travesty which unfolded sure didn’t help my recovery.

Flashes of greatness all year, and then a 32-point loss? No one seemed to know what to say. Jo came up with embarrassing. Coach Thibs rattled off a list of everything you’re supposed to do in basketball. Like score, defend, rebound, run, jump, shoot. And he said they didn’t do any of it. I’m really paraphrasing, but I’m not sure it’s worth sourcing his actual quote.

In the land of 1,000 excuses, I’ll just choose altitude sickness. Yup, they all got it. Everyone but Daequan. That’s Daequan Cook, and he was the Bulls’ leading scorer. I always like to see the new guy get on the scoreboard! It’s just too bad he scored all of his points when there was no one left in the arena, and everyone knew the Bulls had already slipped further down in the standings.

Now I am hesitant to write what I’m really thinking, and this is where I fear I could use at least half of my audience, so that’s about a total of five people…but I’m feeling like the road is a little rough for our Bulls.

I thought that my undying devotion, wearing my Bulls shirts while watching all games, taking my basketball lessons, going to games (aka spending life’s savings on tix), and writing this award-winning Bulls Banter blog would all help to lead our Bullys to victory.

It’s not working out that way right now.

And it’s difficult for me to believe that Mr. All-Star MVP DRose can bear the burden of things gone wrong as of late, by turning this Bulls basketball ship around. It might be too much even for DRose.

So, while it’s a bit disheartening now, “they” say anything can happen. But tonight, in Utah, let’s hope there’s no more altitude sickness, and we are not subjected once again to the Imposter-Bulls.

Going to go and change into my Bulls shirt AND my Bulls sweatshirt. Now we are guaranteed a victory! I really need to get some Bulls pants…


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