Quotable quotes (or why we lost)

I sure am glad that I was otherwise occupied enjoying my petit filet dinner at Wildfire Saturday night…it’s the only thing that made the unimaginable loss to the Wizards palatable.

In trolling all of my sources, I found a good number of quotable quotes from your Chicago Bulls players to help identify an explanation. In my estimation, the Wizards just cast a spell.

“This isn’t Pleasantville.” Nate

“I feel like we fought hard at the end, but I think we played tired basketball tonight.” Jo

“It’s just that you’ve got to kind of trick yourself sometimes to get up for these games – back-to-backs, get in late – you got to kind of trick yourself to get up for them.” Rip

“You have to get the job done. Whatever you’re being asked to do, it’s a five-man offense, five-man defense. When you start taking shortcuts, the results aren’t going to be good.” Coach Thibs

Spells, tricks, shortcuts.

Jo said they’ll have to go and look at the tape. That’s just not tape I want to watch. In fact, I’ve had to forego watching all Chicago area sportscasts until I recovered from the loss.

But tonight, as our Chicago Bulls face Michael Jordan’s Bobcats, the stars, or should I say, All Stars align. Luol is expected to start!

It’s payback time for what the Bobcats did to crash the Bulls’ New Year’s Eve party.

On another basketball note, although I may not be the biggest fan of the Boston Celtics, I do want to say I was saddened to see their man Rondo go down to an ACL injury. This is becoming an all too familiar theme.

However, I do relish the fact that OKC lost to the struggling Lakers. Only time you’re going to hear me say, “Go Kobe.” And the Heat fell to the Celtics. And, both games were on national TV. Jumping for joy.

So now it’s on to the Bobcats. Last game at the United Center for a long long time.

You may all get to enjoy the ramblings of a special guest blogger tomorrow, as my pal BP is onsite at the UC tonight. Even though he’s in a suite, I’ll let that part slide, and will gladly include his first-hand insights to add even more flair to this Bulls Banter.

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