It’s getting a bit over-the-top. Now, I’m listening to sports radio in the car. I just watched a Joakim Noah interview on NBA-TV. Overachieving? That’s one word that comes to mind. Obsession is the other.

But let’s get back to our Bulls.

Actually, it was one of the Chicago area sports reporters on the Score who mentioned this morning that the Bulls are overachieving. Now 10 games over .500. Third place in the Eastern Conference. Two Bulls on their way to Disneyland, I mean, Houston for the All-Star game in February.

This reporter also said he felt last night’s home game vs. the Golden State Warriors was the Bulls’ best all season. Jo said the same thing during his NBA-TV interview. Sigh. And I missed the first half because I was at a dinner with someone who asked how Derrick Rose was playing this season. Don’t get me started!

But I got to the TV in time to see our unlikely heroes, Kirk Hinrich and Nate Robinson in Q3 and 4. I think Thibs thought about sending in one of the ball boys at the end of the game for the final cleanup. Thibs – I’m available.

While the Bulls really have come into their own in 2013, slight reality check here. Their record would only place them as the eighth seed in the Western Conference.

Indeed, those Western Conference teams are going to cause our Bulls some angst. As Jo said, “There are going to be a lot more battles, a lot more adversity, but we’re excited.” And they’ll be facing the likes of OKC, the Jazz, the Spurs, Nuggets. Yikes – all on the road. DRose, hurry up already.

As the second half of the season starts, things really are looking up. And I am thrilled for Lu and Jo’s All-Star honors. Although I might be the ONLY one Jo forgot to thank in his tweets, where he expressed gratitude to half of North America.

Now tonight I’ll be at Wildfire enjoying petit filets with two of my BFFs, so I will not be watching the Bulls defeat the Wizards. Speaking that into existence.

When we next re-convene, middle of next week, the Bulls should have two more wins to add to the scoreboard. Lu will return for the Bobcats game, and tonight, versus the Wizards, it remains to be seen whose magical powers we’ll see. Not sure pulling a rabbit out of a hat will even be necessary.


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