At the halfway point, it’s lucky 17

How about those Bulls? They overcome a 17-point deficit against the oh-so-pesky Detroit Pistons to bring their record to 25-16 at the halfway point of the regular season.

This builds upon the December 2012 game, when the Bulls also overcame a similar 17-point deficit to beat said Pistons. So that’s a 17-game winning streak against the guys from Motor City.

I realize no one ever ever ever did I say ever could have predicted Your (and My) Chicago Bulls would have achieved this record, in this way in a DRose-less season.

So last night it looked like the fans would once again be lulled to sleep. It seemed like a repeat of any one of this season’s unfortunate losses to lesser teams (insert: Bobcats, Bucks, Hornets). I fell asleep during the third quarter, awoke as Q4 started, and like the fans, didn’t have much to cheer about.

Jo did reference the fan factor during his post-game interview (yes, he’s addressing the media again; he put his big boy pants back on. Kobe must have given him a talking to him Monday night). He said something to the effect that the crowd wasn’t into it for the first three quarters. “But we didn’t give them much to cheer about.”

But Mr. Excitement, Nate Robinson turned things around, and so, the Bulls’ domination of the Pistons continues.

Unexpected heroes are emerging, at unexpected times, and although there have been rough patches, ups and downs, inexplicable losses, there have been unprecedented wins (Knicks, Heat, Celtics…now the Bullys have to find a way to beat the West).

I dunno, was Jimmy Butler the leading scorer again? Did some guy named Marco get his second game-winning shot in one week?

So the guys on TNT, ESPN, and any other media outlet that doesn’t feature Neil and Stacey, and doubts my Bulls, and fails to even play Bulls highlights, but instead features five stories about how the Lakers are going to save their season (they’re not) – the Bulls are more than holding their own.

Maybe you’ll figure out who the players are by the time the Bulls are in the playoffs. And I’m pretty sure you remember how to pronounce DRose. IT’s D – Rose. Like the flower.

Forgot to mention three potential All Stars. If this is a “transition,” “re-building,” “stay the course” year, whatever will happen when the Bulls are just playing a regular old “real” season, with everyone giving them a chance?


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