Midnight game on the roof

Bulls starters at the January 12, 2013 game vs. the Suns, from my ninth row seat.
Bulls starters at the January 12, 2013 game vs. the Suns, from my ninth row seat.
If they say we’re playing at midnight on the roof, you should be saying let’s get the ladders.”

That’s what Coach Thibodeau had to say during the post-game press conference on Saturday after yet another home defeat.

I had just made it to my car parked not-so-conveniently in the last row of the lot, trudging along through the wintry mix along with the rest of the dejected fans. And when I finally made it to the Cinjomobile, I turned on the radio to hear this quotable quote from Thibs.

Despite the presence of their biggest fan (yours truly), who spent most of her Christmas $$$ on a ninth row seat behind the Bulls bench for the Bulls vs. Suns game this past Saturday– my Bullys just didn’t come through for me.

Yet another demonstration of what’s become an inexplicable dichotomy.

The Bulls beat the Knicks one night, and lose (sorry Phoenix Suns) to a lowly team the next night.

They destroy the Miami Heat, and the next week, manage to fall to the Milwaukee Bucks…for the second time this season!

And their 10-10 home record defies understanding.

Jo said they’re average. It makes me happy that Jo, like me is a math whiz. Yup, 50% is pretty much average.

Somehow Thibs’ midnight game on the roof analogy made me feel better, and now, tonight, we find ourselves in another like situation.

Remember December 21 and the Friday Night Fight at Madison Square Garden and the unexpected Bulls victory?

The next night. Saturday, December 22, I had just arrived home for Christmas in Connecticut, and my Dad had kindly secured a month-long subscription to NBA League Pass so that we could watch the Bulls continue their dominance.

It didn’t quite happen that way, as Atlanta proceeded to destroy the Bulls in unprecedented fashion.

Tonight, the tables were turned and the Bulls repaid the favor and then some, with their dominant win over the Hawks – 97 to 58, a margin of victory approaching that of the UConn women.

While no one had to get out the ladders tonight, I’ll let those smarter than me figure out how to solve this Bulls yin and yang up and down mystery. But for the moment, at least we can all rejoice in a home victory!

You’ve gotta love a good old-fashioned blowout!

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