Mixed Feelings about Milwaukee

Tonight, it’s Chicago vs. Milwaukee.

There are a lot of reasons to like Milwaukee.

My good pal and partner in crime, Michelle, otherwise known as MOC lives there.


The Brat Stop. Well, not quite in Milwaukee, but it warrants mentioning.

Many fine memories from all of the time spent attending Michael McDermott gigs in the Milwaukee area.

One of my college roommates, Katie Nelson’s Dad coached the Bucks for the first few years we attended Wheaton. You might have heard of him – Don Nelson. I’m proud to count Katie as a friend, and to have met Hall of Fame Coach Nelson.

But there’s one big reason not to like Milwaukee. The Bulls’ one-point loss to the Bucks earlier this year – following a 27-point Bulls lead! I had to spend a lot of $$ on therapy after that one.

When I attended a Bulls vs. Bucks game at the Bradley Center in Thrillwaukee last February, aka “United Center North,” for a minute, or maybe a second, I felt sorry for the Bucks – because there aren’t any fans. More than half of the attendees were rooting for my Bulls! I kinda sorta felt badly about that…

But I’m over it. The Bulls must redeem themselves tonight. And besides, who can like a team with such ugly uniforms?


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