The sun shines in Florida, and on the Bulls

Just in case anyone forgot where we are in the NBA season – this isn’t the playoffs. We’re about 40 percent through the 82-game regular season. But the way I was acting last night, with all of the jumping, yelling and screaming as I witnessed the Bulls’ domination of the evil Heat – you would have thought the Bulls made it to the Eastern Conference finals.

I was texting with my bro that I am growing concerned about my ability to survive the season, and the playoffs are becoming increasingly questionable. It’s too much for my heart. He said that I better get a paper bag to help deal with the hyperventilating.

Everything did seem to go our way down in Florida. Orlando I suppose wasn’t too much of a miracle. It was just magic. Sorry..couldn’t help that one. We all know the game was winnable from the outset. But as I’ve been saying lately every time the Bulls win – against anyone – “We needed that.”

And at one point during the Magic game, I think it was in the second quarter, I actually saw Coach Thibs smile. He seemed to be enjoying what he saw, with Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson leading the way. In the post-game interview, Taj talked about how they looked around during shootaround and thought – where is everybody? There’s nobody here. Not quite, but the “flu-like symptoms” seemed to bring them down one by one. The stellar team effort led to a Bulls victory, and they played the best with who they had.

Evidently, the most exciting part of the stay in Orlando occurred when DRose had to get off the team bus after the game to retrieve the “designer backpack” he had left in the locker room, and the fans went wild! Just wait until he’s doing more than retrieving forgotten personal items.

On to Miami and the evil Heat, where frankly, I was just hoping that my Bulls wouldn’t be embarrassed on national television. Given January 4, 2013 was not a national holiday (in any country, as far as I know), the likelihood of the Bulls playing like themselves increased immensely. If it’s Christmas, New Year’s, Veterans Day, or Easter and especially if it’s a matinee game – there’s trouble.

Jo said “this is probably the biggest win of the year.” Wait, hold on, Jo, I guess you must have forgotten about the December 21 win vs. the Knicks at MSG because you were showering during the fourth quarter and never checked on the final score? All right, now that I think about it, I suppose that fact that the Bulls rocked the defending NBA champs, who have the reigning MVP on their team, on their home court in front of a rowdy crowd, well, I guess that could signify the biggest win of the year.

“They” call the Bulls sleepers, and “they” can go ahead and keep doing so. But it’s going to become increasingly difficult to ignore this team. And while my basketball lessons are going pretty well, and I’ll be back on the practice floor today with my coach, it’s not my return to the court which the world awaits…that will be another year, in another lifetime, in another world.

Unstoppable? Remains to be seen. But after the back-to-back victories in the Sunshine State, the forecast sure is improving for Bulls fans. I hope the team enjoyed their well-deserved night out in South Beach last night, and what is sure to be an interesting charter flight home.

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