Let the Bulls Banter begin

It all started rather innocently. A friend of mine scored four Club Level ticket for the Bulls vs. Grizzlies game on March 25, 2011. Fondly called the “the birthday game” amongst our foursome since two of us have birthdays in March/April – this innocent Friday night at the United Center started my resurgence into the Bulls underworld that has led me here (Bulls obsession, writing a blog, taking basketball lessons, getting fined for talking about the Bulls too much – I’ll cover all this later).

I had fallen off the Bulls bandwagon following three seasons of undying devotion during the first three-peat. A rather time-consuming pursuit called grad school required my attention, and given the hefty price I was paying for said education, the Bulls took a back seat. But I want all of my readers to know – I do have an impressive track record of past obsession.

Back to the Bulls vs. Grizzlies game on that fateful March 2011 evening. I arrived an hour early and was immediately sucked in – the combination of the crowd, the team warming up, nostalgia over the three-peats, and most of all – on Club Level, we had a waitress! Seventh heaven. Oh, right, and there was this guy named Derrick.

My Bulls madness didn’t get too out of hand until this year, when I was put on Bulls probation during my trip to visit my family over Christmas holidays and fined $1 every time I mentioned the Bulls ($ to be donated to charity). That’s when it hit me – why not share my devotion with the world? There must be other obsessed fans out there who would like to join in this “Bulls Banter.” My well-intentioned analysis deserves an audience, so let’s create a conversation about this all-important pursuit of Championship #7. The time is now. DRose is on the mend*. Jo, Luol and Boozer are all having great seasons. The bench seems to be getting into a groove and scoring!

I know what you’re all thinking. Seriously? Look at what happened during yesterday’s New Year’s Eve game. Someone stole our Bulls and replaced them with body doubles that evidently hadn’t had much basketball training. In my land of 1,000 excuses, Jo had the flu, Luol remains banged up, Hinrich was out for whatever reason, there was something covering the baskets (only when the Bulls shot), too much pre-game champagne consumed. But the bottom line is that we lucked out because the game wasn’t nationally televised, and half of the coaches in the NFL got fired, so no one paid any attention to the Bullys.

And to really help ourselves feel better, the Brooklyn Nets lost by 31 to the San Antonio Spurs, and only scored 5 points in the third quarter! He he. Now Brooklyn is my birthplace, and my Dad is now kinda sorta following the Nets, but nonetheless, I have to relish the fact that someone had it worse than us to close out the year.

I’m over the Bobcats loss – those guys couldn’t miss, and let’s face it, they needed a boost. But I disavow all knowledge of anything that happened on December 22 and/or December 25. That’s all I will say about either of those games.

It’s 2013. The Bulls are back. Next stops Disneyworld, then Hollywood (Miami). And that’s just this week my friends.

Stay tuned in upcoming blogs as I reveal more about how this Bulls madness has led me to my foray into basketball lessons, and of course, you can expect up-to-the-minute analysis of all things Bulls.

Sam Smith – if you’re reading, don’t worry, I’m not trying to replace you. This is definitely a different kind of Bulls blog. But it seems like there’s room enough for both of us.

*I predict Derrick returns on Feb. 21 (vs. the Heat) or Feb. 28 (vs. the 76ers). Both games are at home, and both are to be televised on TNT

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